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Bonnie Card Weingarth, Dolphin Ambassador,

Bonnie, Dolphin Ambassador,
- Bonnie Card Weingarth

Welcome, we are excited you landed here to connect with dolphins and whales. Hopefully, that connection with them will empower you to awaken your gifts and talents to share with humanity. Awesomeness!

Bonnie is messenger for dolphins and whales, wild dolphin explorer, film artist, producer, motivational speaker for wild dolphins, teacher, script writer, actor, marine mammal communicator, and certified group assertiveness coach. She gathers the information from the dolphins and whales to publish out in different media formats such as; films, videos, courses, workshops, retreats, articles, blogs, group conference calls, and guided meditations.

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Dolphin And Whale TV

Dolphin And Whale TV focuses connecting people to wild marine mammals.
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