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Bonnie Card Weingarth, Dolphin Ambassador,

My passion is connecting you with Animal Kingdom and showing you how awesome they are through my work as Artist, Animal Holistic Care, Golden Dolphins Ambassador Academy, Dolphin And Whale Travel, Motivational Speaker,and implemented projects.

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Bonnie, Dolphin Ambassador, AKA. Bonnie Card Weingarth        


- Film Production (directing, producing, editing, writing, story boarding)

- Animal Photography

- Motivational Speaker on dolphins, whales and animals - Contact Bonnie/Sophie

- Dolphin And Whale TV - Movies

Animal Holistic Care

- Teach clients (trainers, care givers, zoo keepers, veterinarians) holistic and husbandry methods
   that they can
adopt into their Animal Care Programs.

- Work with organizations on husbandry care projects and document results in multimedia 
    formats (e.g.,video, e-books, articles) to train within their own organization and share with
    organizations, so the dolphins and whales get the best holistic and husbandry care options in
    marine parks, zoos, sanctuaries, and rescue and rehabilitation centers.

Golden Dolphins Ambassador Academy

- Variety of online and in person classes and courses to connect you to the animal kingdom,

   dolphins, and whales, and your personal development.  - Coming Soon.

A sample of some of the education you will see soon available:
- Learn Animal Holistic Methods (focus on kidney disease with cats, dolphins, whales and tigers)
- Your Connection to Dolphins and Whales (History)
- Develop Conscious Connection to your Pet and Animal Kingdom

Dolphin And Whale Travel

- With my Naturalist Certification with American Cetacean Society, Orange County, (Marine  
    Mammals), we will explore the dolphins, whales, and California Sea Lions, and learn about
    them from the boats in Southern California.

- Creating retreats and workshops so you can experience and learn about marine mammals and

   animal kingdom.