Golden Dolphins Media Productions
Connects you to Dolphins, Whales, and Animal Kingdom

Dolphin And Whale TV

Bonnie Card Weingarth, Dolphin Ambassador,

We connect you to dolphins, whales, and animal kingdom through our passion of visual story telling, speaking, photography, podcasting, Dolphin And Whale TV/Film, Animal Wellness Solutions, Golden Dolphin Ambassador Academy, Dolphin And Whale Travel Adventures, technology, and multimedia products.  As you work with us, please invite your animal friend on this journey with you.

Join our Pod.

Bonnie, Dolphin Ambassador,
"I love to create wow factor in creations with others, that's what makes life magical and fun."

Dolphin And Whale Programs



- Dolphin And Whale Cinematographer
- Dolphin And Whale Messages Podcast/Blog
- Collaborates with others on Animal projects

Animal Wellness Solutions


- Learn fun ways to implement holistic care solutions for 
  Animal Ambassadors; dolphins, whales, and animals, in
  marine parks,  zoos, aquariums, sanctuaries, and rescue and

Golden Dolphins Ambassador Academy


- Leap into courses that teach you about dolphins, whales and
  animal kingdom. 
- Bonnie is a certified Marine Mammal Naturalist with loads of
  fun facts and your connection to Marine Mammals.

Dolphin And Whale Adventures


- Connect with wild dolphins, whales, and animal

  kingdom on land and sea. 

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