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Bonnie Card Weingarth, Dolphin Ambassador,

I love to watch and study how they make movies, for instance, Star Wars Trilogy, and Marvel Comic movies. I am into science fiction, comedies and dolphin and whale documentaries. It's exciting to work on film projects, that I get to interview people, and learn about their passion for life.  So fun.

I enjoy writing and reading books on dolphins and whales. I love being with family and our seven grandchildren. I take them out on the boats to learn about the dolphins and whales in Southern California. Also to swim with wild Atlantic Spotted and Bottlenose dolphins in Bimini, Bahamas. On another note, I have this amazing pen fetish. I am always on the search for a great pen that writes so smoothly. Who knows why, it must be the artist in me. I love to giggle at myself and look at my challenges in life or on projects like a comedy in a movie. Make life light-hearted.  I smile a lot, like a dolphin. I am in gratitude and bliss about life and family. I set the tone each day, that it's going to be the best day ever. Sometimes I can't even go to sleep at night, because I am so excited to start my day.  I can't wait to create and work with amazing people and animals on projects. 

Bonnie, Dolphin Ambassador,

She is the founder of Motion Picture and Multimedia Company, Golden Dolphins Media Productions LLC and Dolphin And Whale TV. She has been in change management, leadership, project management, marketing, training, and information technology positions for over 21 years. In the past 9 years, she has incorporated producing, directing, writing, underwater photography, digital editing on film and video projects. With her exceptional research, organizational, teaching, and professional get it done attitude, she has worked with small business clients, corporations, and non-profit organizations on videos, e-books, fundraising, podcasts, social media, and marketing projects.  Bonnie has a passion for dolphins and whales, she completed two movies; Wild Dolphin Explorer - The Movie, and Wild Feeding Frenzy in Monterey, CA. The journey continues....

Bonnie, Dolphin Ambassador,
Dolphin Dancing Spirit,