Bonnie, Dolphin Ambassador,

Connect You to Dolphins, Whales, And Animal Kingdom

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Animal Communication/Balancing Private Session

Bonnie teaches you as she works as Animal Communication and Balancing Consultant in private session. As she brings you through the process of what she does, you will learn something about yourself and your animal friends. Everyone has the ability to connect with animals and nature telepathically. We are born with this universal language, but some people have not allowed themselves to connect with animals or nature in this way.

The animals have learned to show us through their physical form that they need help with healing a belief or pattern to get your attention. The animals are here to teach us to do our own healing work with ourselves.  Most importantly, it's fun to learn more about your animal friends and yourself.  So cool..

Animal Communication is soul to soul communication. Bonnie connects with soul of the animal. She looks at the animals energy fields (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) before beginning the balancing the animal as well as consults with you to learn more about what brings you here today for this session.  Most of the time, they are trying to teach you something about yourself that can assist you in your Divine Soul Plan. She's been doing her passion for over 15 years with animals and their people.

Who do I work with?
People that work with animals in sanctuaries (land or ocean), marine parks, aquariums, zoos, and rescue and rehabilitation centers. I have such a passion to work with you, because I know some of the animals such as tigers, dolphins, whales, lions, sea lions, polar bears, and big cats, that have gone through changes that were not for their highest and best good. I can connect with animals to assist them as well as people that work with them to new path of consciousness that brings awareness, joy, fun, and laughter for all.

What I don't do:
I do not do psychic communication where I look at the animal and what they absorbed in past or in the present time. I connect soul to soul with animals to have two way telepathic conversation.


Bonnie, I am very impressed with your healing abilities! Jean