Bonnie, Dolphin Ambassador,

Connect You to Dolphins, Whales, And Animal Kingdom

Teaching you to become Telepathic Communication And Balancing Techniques for Animals Consultant with your animal friends that live or work with you.  The information will be contained in courses, Vlogs, articles, online events, monthly group video, and social media. If your interested, please join our pod.

The audience for this passionate work is anyone interested in learning how to understand your animal friends and work with their energy fields to balance them. When we discover the imbalance then that's when there own healing can unfold within them and maybe in you as well. We are all connected at the heart center consciousness.

We will focus on pet guardians, animal guardians, and animal care staff in military, sanctuaries, rescue and rehabilitation centers, shelters, public safety, zoos, and marine parks.

I am so excited to work with you...

Bonnie, Dolphin Ambassador,

Courses Coming soon

Onyx, Black Leopard Panther,
V.P. of Dolphin And Whale
Telepathic Communications And
Balancing Techniques for Animals