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Bonnie Card Weingarth, Dolphin Ambassador,

Gray Whale Migration

Gray Whale migrates October to January along the Pacific Coast from arctic seas to San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California Sur, Mexico. They begin there return back to the arctic seas in April. The trip is total of 12,000 miles. The lagoon is where they mate and have their calves. The gray whale mamas bring there gray whale babies back with them to arctic seas. The Lagoon is regulated by sheriffs, so the gray whales and calves are protected. This means that a boat can only be with gray whales for 90 min at a time. Also, only so many boats can be in the Lagoon area at one time. The gray whales come to boats on their own. No food is given, only the connection from heart to heart is exchanged. Once you have been touched by a whale, you will never be the same. It's the most magical experience on Earth.

Gray Whales Spy Hop to check out the people in the boats.

Felix, Dolphin Explorer,
V.P. of Dolphin And Whale Travel