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Bonnie Card Weingarth, Dolphin Ambassador,

Title: Dolphin And Whale Messages Podcast and Blog

Description: The podcast and blog that connects you to dolphins, whales, and animal kingdom. We invite you and your animal friends on this journey as Bonnie, Dolphin Ambassador, takes you into wide range of topics including; well-being, spirit, animal care, travel, education, marine mammal naturalist info, higher consciousness, mediation, solution energy, and partnering with animals on projects and programs.

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Podcast Host, Bonnie Dolphin Ambassador,

Podcast Guests

Episode 001 - Cecilia, Pacific Gray Whale, Teaches us to Forgive and Create a New Story  - Podcast

Come play with us in this podcast as Cecilia, Pacific Gray Whale, tells her story on how they learned to forgive and move into a new heart centered space with humans in the San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

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Dolphin And Whale Messages Blog

Episode 002 - Onyx Teaches us About Animals Adjusting to New Family or Pod   -  Podcast

Join Onyx as he introduces his family member, Sophie, Orange Tabby Cat, with some humor and he explains what it's like for him to join a new family and how he adjusted. Also, he will teach you how to work with your animal friend on adjusting to your family or pod. Don't give up on your animal friend, if there not getting along with the other animals or humans in your home. Come listen to find out a possible solution.

Here's Sophie, Orange Tabby, I mentioned in the Podcast.  -  Onyx...

Episode 003 - Archangel Ariel Teaches Us on What the Animal Kingdom Does for Us - Podcast

Step into child part of you that is creative, playful, and joyful to experience Archangel Ariel and Animal Kingdom teachings on connection, working as a team, and self-love.

Episode 004 - Stephanie, Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin, of Dana Point, CA, Teaches You Playfulness and Joy Podcast

Be in love, joy, and peace. You're amazing souls... Alfred and I are sharing the spotlight on this epic podcast journey.
Episode 004 - Alfred, Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin, of Dana Point, CA Teaches You Playfulness and Joy Podcast

Come create with Stephanie and Alfred, Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins of Dana Point, CA, as they take you on epic journey into teaching you about creating playfulness and joy in all your experiences.  Change your life movie to a comedy movie.  Learn to laugh at yourself, so you can shift into love and joy. This will help you move out of old story and create a new story that better serves you.

Episode 005 - Gingery, Common Dolphin, Teaches You to Look for Synchronicity in Your Creations  Podcast

Work with Gingery, Common Dolphin, in Dana Point, CA as she teaches you to focus on your new creation, even if it feels uncomfortable at first.  Don't fall back into the old creation.  Remember you asked for this change.  Continue leaping forward like the dolphins with your new creation.  Feel your creation in your heart.  Commit! Look for the synchronicity in events that symbolize you're moving into the new. Keep going!
Episode 006 - Joyful, Rizzo Dolphin, Teaches You Joy and Gratitude Podcast

Ease into a calm and centered experience with Joyful, Rizzo Dolphin, from Dana Point, CA.  Bring your animal friend with you as you listen to Joyful discuss being in joy with family and friends.  Look for the humor in your experiences.  Go for your passion!  Picture us Rizzo Dolphins, whales, and sea lions, in the ocean with a pad of paper and pen writing down what we are grateful for each day.  Create your gratitude list!

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